Bushnell Xtrawide 4×30

Sometimes less is more. Such is the case with this binocular. With a 900 foot field of view it offers truly a wide angle true field of view. Really quite impressive especially when it is a relatively flat field. It offers a very relaxed image assuming you have some accomodation left in your eyes as this is a fixed focus model.

Some negatives include the fact that it is actually an 4×22 with 30 mm panes of clear glass either to protect the true objectives or for some level of waterproofing.

Second, the bin is only single coated as in evidence by the light blue/purple coatings on the lenses.

Third, the close focus ability is only about 12 feet for my eyes. Certainly good enough for backyard bird watching but not good for butterfly watching.

The reason I brought this binocular up here is because it is often referenced in conjunction with sporting events or the opera. It does very well for these types of activities but it also seems to be very good for kids. Both my 4 year old and my 10 year old took one look through it and proclaimed it “theirs”. The ensuing disagreement was quite entertaining.


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