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Sightron Blue Sky SII 8×32

In my never ending quest to find the perfect binocular I have ventured far from the mainstream binocular market. The company name “Sightron” will carry little recognition for most birders but those in the US hunting population are very familiar with their optics’ products as they have been producing high quality optics for many years. Admittedly, I knew next to nothing about Sightron other than to see occasional posts in reference to their riflescope products over on 24hourcampfire. I never imagined that they produced binoculars not to mention one that I would end up trying.

What led me to them was a bit of a roundabout journey. Many evenings I surf ebay, amazon and various other places around the net in search of “good deals” on more well-known optics. You might be surprised though with what you find if you type in “8×42 or 8×32 binoculars” in a search engine or two instead of just typing “Nikon” or “Bushnell”. It was just such a search that led me to find many of the other bins I have tried in the last three or four months.   Continue reading