Mission Statement

This is an optical review site dedicated to providing unbiased (as much as we can be unbiased), “we call it like we see it”, reviews.  We will strive to help you choose the best optic for you, we will not steer you away from quality, but will not necessarily recommend you spend over your self-imposed limit, nor will we automatically steer you into a high priced binocular.  There are many excellent, field worthy optics to be found in all price ranges. We will seek to present these to you. We are open to reviews of any sport optic.  We are optics multi users here.  Optics for Birders, for Hunters, or general observation.  While you may see banners from various optical concerns, the presence of their logo or banner is an indication of that company’s willingness to have provided optics for review here.  They may or may not become active supporters of the site.  We will not continue with a company that sees the need to filter what we write here.  If we like the product, we will say so.  You will know what we like about it and why we like it.  You will know what we think of its strengths as well as its weaknesses.  If we don’t like their product, we will thank them for their interest and return their product.  They will know what we think about it and why, but we will not necessarily waste our time on reviewing bad products.  There are too many good ones out there and we are interested in promoting those.  We will ultimately review as many optics as we can get for review.

We strive to provide what we consider to be a layman’s viewpoint.  We will help with decisions and provide a consistent review format.  You will get the same coverage of the same features in a systematic way, despite differing personal writing styles of the reviewers.  You will find reviewers may not agree on all points of the review, but you will know what each thinks.

We are not paid by those companies whose products we review.  Those companies who choose to present an optic for review will receive an honest, straightforward review of that optic.  Some reviews will be of samples provided by optics companies, some will be reviews of our own personal optics collection, or of optics we have personally owned.  We will strive to make sure the binocular reviewed is a representative sample and did not possess flaws when it came out of the box.

We have done reviews that have appeared in other internet forums.  Those will be presented here, and this will become the home for all of our future reviews.

One thing to be aware of in any optics review is that the review is a subjective assessment of the optic by the reviewer.  Few reviewers have access to an optical bench to check manufacturer’s claims.  That includes us, so we will concentrate on non-technical reviews. What we will endeavor to do is to provide a dispassionate review of the optic.  If we like it we will say so and you will know why we like it.

Our rules of engagement are pretty simple.  Keep it polite and don’t respond to somebody in a way you would not like to be responded to.  Behave and be welcome.  Misbehave and be gone, you will get removed.  Remember this is our review site.  We are not necessarily opposed to presenting reviews from other eyes beside Steve or Frank, but if you want to post a review here, contact one or the other of us and we will see what happens.

At any rate, we hope you will read and enjoy.

Steve Cheyne

“Do what you can where you are with what you have”  Theodore Roosevelt

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